Over 30 years, Churchmanor has successfully created over 2.5 million square feet of property representing a total capital value in excess of a quarter of a billion pounds.

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Our business will be sustained by expanding our core areas of activity;


  • Seek new and exciting joint venture opportunities across the region with landowners, local authorities and institutions.
  • Build on our leading presence within the research and development market.
  • Provide innovative solutions for the development of brownfield, greenfield and town centre sites.
  • Expand our speculative development programme further through the careful selection of projects.
  • Grow our investment portfolio through both open market purchases and retention of our own developments.

From our offices in Ipswich, we have developed over two and half million square feet of commercial accommodation encompassing offices, business and industrial parks, town centre and edge of town retail, shopping centres and research and development facilities.

These developments represent a total capital value in excess of a quarter of a billion pounds. In addition Churchmanor has created its own investment portfolio. We now have over 250,000 sq ft of commercial and retail accommodation with an annual income of over two and half million pounds.