Our values and cultural heritage

Over 35 years since the founding of Churchmanor we have always believed in the long-term value of collaborative relationships with our land-owning partners and our extensive network of high calibre consultants.

Embedded in our people and procedures are our core values of professionalism, integrity & reliability which underpin our long term approach to how we develop our business.


Professionalism is at the core of our company.

Our experienced and dedicated team ensure that consistent standards are maintained which significantly enhances our ability to create valuable outcomes for our partners and the communities we serve.


Operating with integrity goes to the heart of the way we run our business and we believe this provides great confidence to our customers, partners and the communities we operate in around the region.

Such an approach comes naturally to us, supporting all we do and we believe this has attracted with many likeminded land owners and property partners with whom we work.


Reliability is deeply ingrained in our culture and through careful planning and a tenacious approach it has enabled us to create a portfolio of succesful developments.

The Churchmanor team has a focused approach and is driven to provide property development solutions that we can be proud of.

It is this that makes our work worthwhile creating an environment that makes Churchmanor a challenging, interesting and fun place to work.