Chelmsford Business Park
A 40 acre business park in a 15 year joint venture with Essex County Council

Chelmsford Business Park was a partnership between Essex County Council and Churchmanor created to regenerate a problematic 40 acre site on the edge of the county town.

The key task was to prepare a masterplan to address the particular planning challenges raised by the site which included a dilapidated Grade II listed country house and an ancient monument.

It was important to create an immediate visual impact by delivering the first phase of the principal estate road early in the development process. This included substantial structural planting and landscaping.

Ultimately 350,000 sq ft of new accommodation has been completed within a landscaped setting and the development is home to several major European and UK companies.

Our joint venture ensured that Essex County Council benefited from both enhanced land value and a share in the success of the development.

Project facts


Essex County Council


40 acres – 350,000sqft of built accommodation


ebm-Papst UK, IFDS Group, Clifford Thames Group, Barratt Eastern Counties, Chelmer Housing



Project value

£70 million
The County Council had ambitions for development of their 40-acre parkland site at Springfield Lyons. Following unsuccessful attempts in the early 1990s we selected Churchmanor who, through their creative master planning and development skills, have achieved a quality business park of which the Council is proud. Our partners innovative thinking and flexible approach have helped us fulfil our ambitions. 1he joint venture is a working model illustrating how a successful partnership between private and public sectors can be forged.
Councillor David Finch Essex County Council, Cabinet Member for Finance and Property