Huntingdon Retail Park, Huntingdon
A 7 acre out of town Retail Park in a long term investment with St John’s College, Cambridge

At Huntingdon Retail Park we entered into an agreement with our co-investment partner, St John’s College, Cambridge to create an income producing investment on land they already owned.

Through the arrangement we entered into a 125 year geared ground lease, and St John’s retained their freehold plus an equity share in the created investment value.

In this co-investment Churchmanor assumed all the development and letting risks.

The asset is let to a range of complementary retail warehouse occupiers and is now a recognised retail destination in Huntingdon.

Churchmanor and St John’s sold Huntingdon Retail Park to LaSalle Investment Management in 2015.

Project facts


St John’s College Cambridge




B&Q, Staples, Pets at Home, Pound Stretcher



Project value

£16 million
Churchmanor approached us with an idea to create a retail development on land owned by the College since 1517. They formulated a strategy, achieved planning consent, secured pre-lettings, financed the project and we now share the resultant investment income. I was impressed throughout by their determination to see the project through and I have a high opinion o/the company and the skills they bring to bear on the complexities of property development.
St John’s College